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What is Trademark Search?

Trademark search refers to any action taken to determine whether a trademark is used in commerce.

Indian Trademark Search

A trademark search is made in the Indian Trademark Registry database, similar word marks, as well as phonetically similar names in a specific class can be comprehensively searched.

The Procedure of Trademark Search

An online free-of-charge trademark search can be done at the trademark database (, Trademark Registry India.

There are 45 classes of trademark registration. As per Nice Classification, Class 1- 34 deals with various goods, and Class 35-45 deals with services.

There are three search types available namely, wordmark, Vienna code, and phonetic.

Step by Step Example for Trademark Search:

  1. If you want to search for a word trademark, then select wordmark in search type.
  2. In the wordmark value, you must type the name of the word you want to search.
  3. Select the class number in the class option. ( or Trademark Rules, 2017)
  4. Click search.
  5. After this, you will find whether the trademark you searched for is used in commerce or not.