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Success On Patent Registration


In recent times, the Indian Intellectual Property Office has taken a mission for speedy disposal of all the intellectual property applications and completion of registration procedures.

Following the same mission, the Indian Patent Office has taken a drive to dispose off the patent applications in a quicker way, provided all the procedures are properly attended by the applicant.

Keeping this view on our mind, we moved with the present patent application in a professional way to complete all the procedures as well as attended all the statutory requirements in a time-bound manner.

According to the provisions of Patent Law in India, a patent application usually takes 48 months to cover the various stages namely, filing reply to the objections, hearings etc.

In the way, an application was filed on 13/07/2022 for obtaining the patent protection for an Indian Applicant. With a view to obtain the patent registration, we completed all the statutory requirements as well as procedures on time. Each step was followed much before the specified time period.

As a result, the application was moving forward in fastest manner. Finally, the patent application was accepted. The patent was granted on September 06, 2023, within a span of only 14 months.

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