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Huawei files for Trademark for mobile OS called Harmony

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In June 2019 Huawei had filed a trademark application for its mobile operating system, HongMeng OS. A month later, Huawei has applied for trademark for another mobile operating system called Harmony.

Huawei found itself in a spot after Google revoked its Android license following the recent ban by the US Government. All of Huawei’s smartphone operated on Android and suddenly access to the Play Store for its smartphones was being pulled back. However, Huawei has emerged triumphant from this crisis as it is planning to launch not one but two mobile operating systems for its smartphones.

The trademark application for Harmony has been filed at the European Union Intellectual Property Office. The application is currently under examination and the EUIPO is yet to register the trademark.

Huawei plans to launch HongMeng in China by the end of this year. It has stated that it shall be ready to push its own operating system by 2020.

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