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Role of IPR & Women in 21st Century Business

World IP day

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is a global forum for intellectual property which observes World Intellectual Property Day on 26th April every year. This year the theme set out by WIPO is “Women and IP: Accelerating Innovation and Creativity”.

Women throughout the world have been making scientific breakthroughs and building business with newer perspectives. Women in all regions are shaping the world through their hard work and this year’s theme would encourage more women to use the IP system. This event is meant to focus on women entrepreneur who has shown stupendous innovation calibre and creativity in the field of IP and its effective applicability.

Keeping the theme of Intellectual Property Day in mind, this year EEPC in collaboration with Mr. Biswajit Sarkar, Advocates- IP Attorneys is celebrating this event at EEPC India premises on 26th April, 2023 from 2 PM onwards.

Agenda of the session:  

  • Significance of World IP Day and importance of IPR in Engineering product
  • Benefits of Patent & Trademark Protection
  • IPR Challenges faced in Underdeveloped & Developing Country for the Development & Export of Engineering products.
  • Sharing Success Stories
  • IPR challenges faced by entrepreneurs for the Development & Export of Engineering products in similar branded product market

Program schedule:

Registration Link:

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