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New Designed Mask

New Designed Mask

The Indian Navy has a rich history and has undergone significant developments in terms of research and inventions.

With a great sense of pride, we announce that the Indian Navy has introduced a new design for a mask to be used in their course of action. In general, members of the Navy are in the habit of using masks to resist impact and protect their face, neck, nose etc. from debris, dust, splashes to sudden exposure to heat and flames.

This particular mask design falls under class 29-02 which covers devices and equipment against fire hazards, accidents and rescues. The mask is designed in a manner that it has a conical elongation in the frontal portion. This feature is designed with the idea of safeguarding the nose, the bridge of the nose, lips, and chin against hazardous situations involving fire, bombings, smoke, fatal fumes or a situation that may result in dangerous accidents. The presence of adjustable straps on the mask helps the user in its proper fitting.

The design was granted registration by the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks, Kolkata. The design number is 360313-00. The design was filed on 10/03/2022 and was subsequently accepted and published in the Journal of the Patent Office numbered 21/2023 on May 26th, 2023.

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