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Internship programme

Established in 1990, the main office of Biswajit Sarkar Advocates – IP Attorneys is located in Kolkata, West Bengal. A top-level IP Law firm, we boast of highly-skilled lawyers who practice in the areas of trademark litigation, trademark search, trademark registration and copyright registration. 

Who do we look for in our internship programme? 


If you are someone who wishes to gain experience and learn more about the field, are welcome to apply. Intellectual Property Laws should be the focus-area in your studies. We usually take in students who are in their final year of law school. This will include 5th years who are studying in an integrated 5-year LLB course and 3rd Year students who are studying in a 3-year LLB course.


Students who are specializing in IP laws are welcome to join our team for internship. You will gain more knowledge and experience in Asian Intellectual Property Laws. This includes the countries of India, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar.  

How should you apply to our programme?

We request interested students to apply only via our career page. We discourage students from applying via Facebook Messenger and other social media websites. You may find the page  here

When you apply via our career page, you should submit a detailed CV. It should highlight your past experiences with IP Laws, and the classes or courses you may have taken to further your knowledge on the subject. Having some knowledge about IP Laws would be beneficial for a student during their internship. You will be shortlisted for your interview based on the same.

We hope to see enthusiastic students interested in the field of IP laws apply to our internship programme! 

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