Presenting at an International Seminar

We are elated to share that our founder Adv. Biswajit Sarkar has been invited to be a Speaker at the online Seminar- “The Transformation of Law under the influence of Technical and Economic Internationalization” organized by the School of Foreign Law of Kutafin, Moscow State Law University (MSAL) along with the Commission on International Affairs and Scientific Cooperation Moscow regional branch of the Association of Lawyers of Russia.

Scheduled to speak on the topic “Trademark Protection on Personal Name,” Sarkar Sir will delve into a domain where a general prohibition surrounds the use of personal names in trademarks. Notwithstanding this, a significant exception emerges when a personal name transforms into a symbol of Global importance. This exception serves as a safeguard, effectively preventing the exploitation of renowned personas’ names and images.

The company expresses sincere appreciation to the organizers for graciously inviting us. To be selected as one of the prominent speakers representing India at this prestigious Global platform is a significant honor for us.

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