Design Search

Design Search

The Importance

It is important that a person conducts a design search. They carry out a search to find out whether someone has registered their proposed design. They enter the details of the application for design registration in the database of the Design Office. Similarly, the database contains the details of all the registered designs. Thus, any person intending to register any design can conduct a design search through this database. Design search is important to locate any similar design in the records of the Design Office. If any proposed design appears to be conflicting in nature with any applied design application or registered design. Then, one must refrain from making such applications for design registration.

The Procedure

 The person may conduct a public search at the database. The Office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs & Trade Marks maintains it. One conducts a public search to know whether someone else has already registered their proposed design. There are two ways to request for search, they are as follows:

·         If the registration number of the design is known, a request can be made by any person on Form 6 with the specified fees.

·         If any person is unable to furnish the registration number of the design, then he can file with the Controller, in Form 7. The person can share such information as in his possession. The controller thereupon will start the search in the class indicated. The controller thereafter will furnish such information as may be obtainable. The applicant must furnish in duplicate the representation or specimen of the design. They must do so when it accompanies the Form-7.

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