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After the U. S. Patent grant on 19th July, 2016 of patent application number US9393697B1 to Disney, social media has subbed Disney as a creep.

The Patent application title ‘System and Method Using Foot Recognition to Create a Customized Guest Experience ‘, is expected to track their guests at Disneyland with the help of their footwear.

According to the abstract, the technology is upon the mechanism where through an incognito camera the image of the guest’s footwear is capture and a model is created in its cloud database along with other basic information about the guest. Then through robots the technology intends to track down guests all around Disneyland. It can accurately track the rides and places the guest has visited or how many rides are visited throughout the year or how guests move around the Disney Parks.

The patent application was made last April and the inventors are Paul Beardsley and Aparna Taneja.

Though the patent was granted Disney has made no official statement or indication of its implementation.

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