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Duchess of Sussex copyright infringement

Duchess of Sussex copyright infringement


The Mail, a news publisher company, had published copious disconcerting stories about Meghan Markle who is Duchess of Sussex and her wedding to Price Harry. It is assumed that the source of those inside information is the father of the then bride Meghan, Thomas Markle, who helped the newspaper by giving a lot of private information about the wedding and his daughter too.

Now Meghan is considering taking legal action against the newspaper for publishing a letter she wrote to her father in which she requested him to stop communicating with the media any further.

The duchess of Sussex is not suing the newspaper company for defamation but rather suing for breach off copyright, infringement of her privacy and breaches of the Data Protection Act.

The copyright facet of the legal action is brought against the newspaper is established on the principle that the author of a letter remains the owner of the content of the letter regardless of who possesses the piece of paper.

Judges care to find against the media in this privacy suit. The external lawyer hired by Meghan will likely to argue that in the publication of the letters there I s no public interest and benefit veiled. If the newspaper loses this case against the royals, then it perhaps will have a wider implication for all journalists and media who want to report on leaked private documents.

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