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Global Refresher Course on IPR

Global Refresher Course on IPR

Day 12 (18th September 2021)


“Impact of Intellectual Property in Academia” by Dr. Jayanta Ghosh, Research Fellow CRSGIP, Founder & Director (Honorary) IP-Think-Tank.

The key points Dr. Jayanta had spoken are:

  • Impact/ influencing factors such as scientific factor and legal factor. Here, the scientific factor deals with technological influence in academia, and the legal factor deals with the variety of regulations available for every discipline in academia.
  • Direct Impact on intellectual properties such as-
  • Patent: value creation and license agreement
  • Copyright: publication, plagiarism
  • Trademarks: brand protection
  • Biodiversity: access and benefit-sharing
  • Geographical Indications: a community view.
  • The speaker mentioned the intellectual property dispute with the Delhi University copyright case.
  • Importance of intellectual property in academia: Intellectual property plays an essential role in both the research and teaching functions of universities. This includes intellectual property created by universities.
  • Approaches to deal with industry-academia collaboration conflicts are professor’s privilege, institutional ownership, pre-emption right, and automatic ownership
  • Concerns of academia are-
  • Access to information
  • Impact of technology on knowledge creation, distribution, and consumption.
  • Ease of reproduction, distribution, and consumption.
  • Web-specific issues like file sharing, cloud computing, etc.

The second speaker, Veronica Peshkova, UNIDO Goodwill Ambassador and President of Public Diplomacy Foundation “Women’s View” Russia was unable to join the conference due to technical problems, so the Vice-Chancellor of the Neotia University, Prof. (Dr.) Biswajit Ghosh had an interaction with the audience. Later in the session, Biswajit Sarkar, deliver a speech thanking Neotia University for taking a great step with his law firm to spread the knowledge of intellectual property rights and their role in the global horizon. He thanked all the professors, guest speakers, and audiences for attending the international workshop on intellectual property rights.

After Biswajit Sarkar, the Assistant Registrar of Neotia University, Dr. Samik Samanta had a concluding ceremony, and then, Dr. Rakesh Kumar Singh, dean, the Neotia University ends the conference with a vote of thanks.

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