Nintendo’s on the apex of a change and the illustrious game maker may shortly unlock the huge potential of its intellectual property in the remunerative mobile gaming space. Nintendo’s Pokémon GO isn’t solely an amplifying accomplishment but also a global phenomenon.

Pokémon GO is perfect example of a sacrament of intellectual property, technology and gameplay, which was easily overlooked by other companies who weren’t sure of augmented reality (AR) games.

The launch of Pokémon Go has seen investors respond excitedly. Nintendo owns a confidential stake in Niantic, the inventor of the widely known game, and also a 32 percent stake in the Pokémon Company. Thus expecting its share to increase which in turn would boost its overall business.

The potential for Nintendo’s intellectual property on mobile devices is no longer a point for debate. As Pokémon GO, the first full-scale mobile title game based on the company’s intellectual property, swirl ahead with its global roll-out, it is shooting up the top-grossing charts in territory after territory within hours of launch. It’s already the most popular mobile game ever in the USA, setting aside former record-holder Candy Crush Saga within a matter of days.

The most offbeat part about the game are the effects which are present, like the game being present in the real world, as its Augmented Reality (AR) game mechanics get players out roaming the streets in search of rare creatures, or gathering around areas designed by the software to battle for control of “gyms”, important facilities visible only to those using the application.

This mobile game has exalted Pokémon into the global conversation for the first time in years, embracing into the nostalgia of old fans and promoting the enthusiasm of new young fans

According to a report by Reuters, Nintendo’s intellectual property may become very valuable in later years as their merchandise are limited as the company was more concentrated and dealt with limited number of merchandising companies.

Nintendo is primarily in situ upon a gold mine.

Their presence in the mobile gaming bandwagon may have been late but the payoff has been overwhelming thus far.

Pokémon Go not only revives the company’s suite of well-loved characters in the consumer cognizance, but also clearly indicates the company’s grasp of open platforms, unlocking its Intellectual Property potential across unbroached brand extensions, from movies and theme parks to branded merchandise and in-app advertising.

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