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Irony bell’s the KAT

Irony bell’s the KAT

Ukrainian, Artem Vaulin, the alleged owner of Kickass Torrent or popularly known as KAT, has been arrested in Poland. The Department of Justice, U. S is seeking to extradite him for counts of criminal copyright infringement, in addition to conspiracy charges related to money laundering and unlawful distribution of copyright materials on the website.  Artem Vaulin ironically was caught while purchasing legal copyrighted material from iTunes.

Kickass Torrent is accused of being the top website to distribute copyrighted material worth over $1 billion. This Peer-to-Peer file transferring website has been working since 2008.  The complaint states that the website operates in almost 28 languages and the website’s value is estimated at more than 54 million dollars with its advertising revenue in the range of 12.5 million dollars and 22.3 million dollars.

To capture the owner of KAT the feds pretended to be advertisers which led them to a bank account tied up with the website. The feds crossed check an IP address used to login to the KAT Facebook page with the one used for the iTunes purchase to corner Vaulin.

KAT has already moved its domains due to several seizures and copyright lawsuits. Kickass Torrent is blocked in countries like United Kingdom, Ireland, Malaysia, Italy, Denmark and Belgium as according to the complaint.

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