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Seminar at Neotia University, Kolkata

Seminar at Neotia University, Kolkata

The school of Legal studies of the Neotia University, Kolkata and the Patent Promotion and IP cell, TNU took an interest in organising a one-day seminar on Innovation and challenges in Intellectual property Rights: Recent trends in Research and Entrepreneurship in collaboration with Biswajit Sarkar Advocates and IP Attorneys. The seminar was organised with the intention to inspire young generation for being creative and get their works protected to avoid any kind of infringement or violation of the same on 9th September 2022 at Neotia University.

The senior Attorney of our firm Mr. Sarkar delivered a speech on Technology and IPR, and stated and discussed about the challenges and opportunities available to the students for patent.

Mr. Sarkar spoke on IPR and technology, by giving a brief as to how Intellectual Property Rights are related to technology. The highlights are:

  • Meaning and types of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Meaning of patents
  • When can an invention be patented and when not.
  • Differentiating between invention and innovation
  • Patent and its importance
  • Classification of patents
  • Meaning and types of Patent search
  • Importance for conducting a patent search
  • Constituents of patent applications
  • Procedure of Patent Application
  • Patent Examination
  • Types of objections, rejections, replying to examination reports
  • Patent Opposition
  • Commercialization of patents
  • Meaning and types of patent licensing
  • Role of IPR in technology

Hence, the firm would like to express their gratitude to the Chief Patrons Mr. Pradip Jyoti Agarwal, the Hon’ble Pro Chancellor; Professor Biswajit Ghosh, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Chairman Dr. Rakesh Kumar Singh, Associate Dean and Associate professor, and the convenors Ms. Swati Sharma and Mr. Souvik Dhar the Assistant professors of the Neotia University in organising the seminar.

If you have created any invention or any material which can be patentable, or innovation and what to get that patented, please get in touch with us through our website

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