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Programme on Intellectual Property with CWEI

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On the 16th of December, 2016, the Consortium of Women Entrepreneurs of India (CWEI), a Delhi based organization involved in various social work, organized a programme on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) at Jamuna Banquet in the city of Kolkata. Many distinguished guests enumerated various aspects of IPR, especially trade marks and geographical indication (GI) through their knowledge -sharing speeches.

This programme continued the whole day and was headed by Ms. Shashi Singh, the chairperson of CWEI followed by Mr. S. K. Mandal, the assistant director of MSME, Mr. M. Prabhakaran of DC Handcrafts, Ms. Shilpi Jha, the senior legal counsel for IP in South East Asia and Mr. Debanjan Chakraborty, the Examiner of Trade Marks at Kolkata , were present at the programme and delivered speeches on various aspects of IPR as well as trade related issues for handicraft business.

Being participant as the only law firm in the programme, Mr. Biswajit Sarkar delivered a speech which illuminated basic concepts of trade mark and GI. Moreover, infringement of IP and various important cases related to these areas of IPR were also discussed.

Programme on Intellectual Property with CWEI

Small scale traders, and artisans/craftsmen took part in this programme & discussed many issues at the question and answer session. An additional attraction of the programme was a display of various artisans’ works, handicrafts and textile materials. Some of the guests showed interest in knowing the process of creating such handicrafts and also purchased some of their wares amazed. A sumptuous lunch followed the programme along with beverages for guests and participants. It was revealed by the organizing body that they would like to conduct similar programs in various parts of Eastern and North-Eastern India.

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