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Conventional Trademark

Unconventional Trademarks and Registration ChallengesUnconventional Trademarks and Registration Challenges

Besides traditional trademarks that include device, brand, heading, label, name, there is a new category of modern marks that are protected in some countries which are known as non-traditional or unconventional trademarks. They include three dimensional marks, colour marks, sound marks, smell marks, taste marks,


1. Preparation/ Filing of Trademark Application (s/18 of the Trademarks Act, 1999) a. Name of the Applicant b. Nature of the Business c. Address of the Applicant d. Description of the Trademark- Word mark Device mark e. Description of the Goods or Services f. Classification

Procedure for Registering Trademark

What is Trademark and Procedure for Trademark Registration in IndiaWhat is Trademark and Procedure for Trademark Registration in India

WHAT IS A TRADEMARK A trademark is a visual symbol to distinguish the goods or services from other similar goods or services originating from different businesses. It can be word or words, name, label, numerals or combination of colors legally registered or established by use

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#Hashtag Protection under Trademark Laws#Hashtag Protection under Trademark Laws

With evolution of the present social media, hash tags have become an importing marketing tool. And thus, very frequently hashtag protection as intellectual property is thought of. Hashtags, are not designs or inventions thus, aren’t protectable under patent or design laws. They are too small